Sunday, August 8, 2010

wanted to take food to church....

This last week, I realized that I do. Now that I'm married, I find myself attending a "real" ward. I was doing fine until sacrament meeting. All of the sudden I felt like I hadn't eaten for weeks. I had a small bowl of cereal and a banana 2 hours prior, but was sooooo hungry. My theory is that I had a Pavlovian response to seeing food. Typically I see food when I am eating food. I realized quickly that there was tons of food staring me in the face that I could not eat. I guess the days of cheerios for children are long since passed. I saw kids with bags full of delicious looking fresh grapes, chicken crackers, pretzels, and that was in the row in front of me, so I can only imagine what other fine specimens of eatery were located throughout the chapel. Maybe this is one of those congregations where the well off children ridiculed the children with cheerios and now they just try to show off to each other by who has the best sacrament meeting meals.

So I've decided that next week I'm taking food to church as well. What to take is really what's on my mind now. I want something tasty, but not too extravagant. Where do you draw that line? I suppose I will exclude anything that would require utinsils, such as yogurt or any kind of salad. One of the first things that came to mind was nachos. Some might argue that it is purely my love of nachos that instilled this into my mind first, but it does have it's advantages as a finger food. I can put chips in a ziplock bag small enough to fit in Stacy's purse. I'll be prepared for any possible ridicule with a tupperware full of salsa. For an encore I'm thinking that some brownies sound like a perfect dessert. I figure I'll be ready for those about the time the musical number is about to start. Some other ideas include red vines, left over movie popcorn from the night before, and sippy cups filled with pepsi. Any other ideas are appreciated.

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Jodie said...

You are funny. I like the nacho idea.