Thursday, October 30, 2008

..................wondered why people think that you are ignorant because of your job?! Now that I have a real job again I'm reminded why I hate it. It's not because I inherently have a problem with working. In fact, I love the feeling of accomplishment or creation. I love to feel like I just did something cool or good. I suppose I should try to find something else to do, but I get paid well, and I'm good at it, so I keep doing it. For the most part it's ok, but here is a conversation I frequently have with customers that absolutely drives me crazy.

Sue walks into the store and I greet her in a very friendly corporate scripted manner.

me: Hi, welcome to our store today. What can I help you with?
Sue: Well, I've got this phone and it just stopped working.
me: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Let's see what we can do to solve the problem. Can you describe to me more specifically what the problem is?
Sue: I don't know what the problem is, it just doesn't work.
taking the phone from her, trying to turn it on....
me: oh, your phone won't turn on!?
Sue: Yes.
me: how long have you been having the problem?
Sue: I don't know, it just started this morning?
(me thinking, so do you not know, or was it this morning, those aren't really the same thing)
me: ok, well let me take a look at it.
as I take the battery off I can see that the liquid indicator(a little sticker inside almost all phones that changes color when it's been wet) is bright pink(the color most turn when they get wet).
me: Well, I can see why you're phone isn't working, it's been wet.
Sue: What?! It's never been wet! When did it get wet?
I've been SOOOO tempted on occasion to actually say something like,"according to my esp and awesome detective skills it happened exactly 23 days ago at 11:00pm." Sometimes if I'm feeling a little brash I say, "well, that's a question for you to answer."
me: see this little sticker, it turns this color when it gets wet.
Sue: I have no idea how that happened.
me: Let's look at your account and see if you have insurance on your phone.
Sue: Don't I have a warranty?
Here is where I have to hold my tongue again because I'm thinking, "If you spill a soda on your clock radio, how come you don't return that for a warranty exchange?" Why is it that everyone understands that warranties on electronics don't cover physical or water damage, but they cannot recognize that a cellphone is an electronic device?
Sue: Well, I guess that's ok, it was only $30. I'll just buy another one.
me: You can buy another one, but the regular price on that phone is $230. Your account doesn't currently qualify for a discounted phone price.

There are a few variations of this conversation. I get annoyed that people will bring in phones and know that they have been wet, yet try to lie to me. I'm not saying that no one ever gets away with it, but most times, there are ways for me to tell. Most of the time the customer will admit that it has been wet. It takes more effort for me to happily help these customers that lie to me.

Eventually these problems get solved, but often the customer is mad because they feel like they got ripped off, or a myriad of other reasons. I honestly try to be as nice as possible, but there is a delicate balance between showing too much sympathy and being matter-of-fact to keep the customer civil.

I know that insurance is $5 a month or so depending on your wireless carrier. Just buy it. I do. I understand that it feels like a waste of money at times. Please...I'm begging you, just eat at Wendy's one less time each month. You won't miss the meal, and you won't notice the $5. It makes life easy for me and you can get a damaged phone replaced for a minimal deductible.


Brent and Jodie said...

Very nice. I agree, people sometimes think they are so sneaky and that you might not notice the moisture sticker. :)

Tawna said...

Welcome to blogging...didn't know you had one!