Saturday, February 26, 2011

another car project

So I start all of these projects expecting to do a writeup, and when I'm done I realize that I don't have enough pics. Anyway, here goes. This project was inspired by Bill who did a similar project to this a while back where he turned the "blank" slot into a working button on the DIC control pod. He didn't use his for homelink, but I'm not sure what he used his new button for. This may be a little ghetto how I did it, but it works and I thought it was cool

I took an extra DIC control pod and took it apart. I also had a Homelink unit(one of the ones that goes in the sun visor). I modified an extra button so that it would fit over the resistor and soldered a set of wires from one of the button contacts on the Homelink and tied them to my modified button. As far as the button itself, it says "reset", but I've stripped all of the paint off of an extra and plan on putting the Homelink logo on it. Basically paint it white, put a decal over it, paint it black, and remove decal. It looks like that is basically what GM did on all of these buttons which is why as you wear on any of them the white space expands.

Forgive the crappy and too few pictures, but check the videos out because you can basically see what I did. If I can find the link to Bill's thread I'll include it because he has better pics of how he did the button. I did mine different than he did, but both ways work.

Later I took the blank button and made it look like it came in the car with the Homelink logo and everything.  Even glows at night like the other buttons.



OK, trimmed the extra length off of the button post. Now it sits flush. Also I don't have the problem of the edge of the button catching the lip of the bezel piece. Like butta! Now I just need to work on customizing the decal for a custom button. And yes, I know everything is dusty an dirty. I haven't had any of the dash pieces in for about a month until yesterday so I need to do a little detailing.

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